Who invented the glass?

Most of us have certainly never thought about who invented his window glass. It is just there and from time to time we have to clean it. But glass is much more fascinating than you might think. So what is it all about, with this strangely durable but completely transparent material that protects us from... Continue Reading →

Are we really Homo sapiens?

So far it has been assumed that only Homo sapiens survived the times. The reasons for this were sought in his superiority. New studies, however, put many aspects into question. Perhaps the Neanderthal was in no way inferior to Homo sapiens. And perhaps it is not really true that only Homo sapiens survived…

Go to Hell!- But how?

You sometimes hear the curse, "Then go to hell!" But if you wanted to comply with the request, you would have trouble doing so. Where is hell actually?

The past was yesterday, how about the future? (or ‘will our world collapse?’)

Many great civilizations have collapsed. The Mongol Empire, the Roman Empire, Incas, Pharaohs and Sumerians - they all did not survive the times. The question therefore arises - what about us? Will Western civilization collapse as well and fall into oblivion and decorate museums? Recently there has been more and more written about this question.... Continue Reading →

The first Computer Programme of the world?

Few buildings are as rich in history and beauty as the ancient cathedral of Chartres in France. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Paris region and is famous for the bright blue of its mighty windows. Inside the colossal church, numerous secrets can be discovered that attract esoteric and believing Christians... Continue Reading →

Caught in the black hole – Hoyo Negro

You could start the story like in a pitch-black fairy tale. "Once upon a time there was a young girl, barely sixteen years old. She had just given birth to her first child and after long wanderings in unknown areas she was desperately searching for water in a region where there seemed to be neither... Continue Reading →

In the skin of another – literally!

In the National Museum of San Salvador (El Salvador) there stands a simple clay sculpture of a man. At first glance you think he is wrapped in feathers. At second glance, his clothes seem strange. And indeed they are. He wears a man's skin that has been stripped off and is decaying on his body.... Continue Reading →

The worst Volcanic Eruption ever

El Salvador in Central America is one of the most volcanic and earthquake-hit countries in the world. Twenty-two volcanoes crowd into the smallest of spaces. There is hardly a place in the country from which one does not see these mighty giants. The capital San Salvador, on the other hand, has only few sights. Whatever... Continue Reading →

Human Sacrifice by the Maya

It was a game of life and death. The “Pok-a-tok” in the the Mayan language was a ball game similar to soccer. It was held during ritual celebrations. The object of the game was to move the rubber ball by bouncing it off the hips or knees without using the hands or feet. The team... Continue Reading →

The truth about Climate Change

Climate change has always happened, as the Ice Age movies prove. So what is the hype about? You might ask, ‘why don’t we just adapt’? Here is a try at an easy clarification of climate change history, based mainly on explanations by Dr. Nic Flemming, one of the best ever specialists for sunken sites and... Continue Reading →

Who burries the dead under water?

This amazing picture shows a prehistoric indigenous burial found under water at the coast of Costa Rica. You might wonder, why people were buried in this place under water? The answer is simple. When the burial took place, there was no water in that place. Waters rose. For over 90% of the existence of humankind,... Continue Reading →

The Adventures of the African Queen

A light-hearted, whilst nevertheless touching story of World War I is that of the ship Liemba, which still sails the Lake Tanganyika today. This is despite her having travelled over a mountain, endured two sinkings and experienced a war, experiences that have left bumpy traces all over her hull. Her story is one of the... Continue Reading →

China’s Museums go under Water

Who does not dream of one day observing what happens under the surface of the water, if possible, sheltered from the currents? See ancient stone engravings and monuments lying at the bottom of a river, float above rich calligraphy and even caress with the gaze hydroglyphs bequeathed by famous scholars? Admiring a wreck or historic... Continue Reading →

On the trace of Pirates

Do you feel the soul of a pirate in you? I hope the idea of drinking a glass of rum does not make you seasick. No ? So here is the exciting tale of how ended the ship of Blackbeard, a lawless pirate who lived in fury and exaltation, to the rhythm of fighting and... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Adventures of Admiral Zheng He

Even before Christopher Columbus, Bartolomeu Dias and James Cook, the Chinese sailors, attentive to the wind and currents of the ocean, wanted to expedite the notion of adventure. Crossing large seas, with stunning and boundless winds, they made their way to seven adventurous travels around the world. It was 87 years after the first trip... Continue Reading →

The treasure of the Gottfried

Since its tragic sinking on the night of March 12, 1822, the wreck of Gottfried has continued to fascinate and captivate the imagination. The presence of a stone sarcophagus, dating back to over 4,000 years, as well as mummies and steles aboard the ship stimulate the imagination. The story begins, when in 1822, King Frederick... Continue Reading →

The Story of the Lost Sarcophage

The legend of the sarcophagus of the fourth dynasty Pharaoh Menkaure, the builder of the third pyramid of Giza, has largely been fuelled by the mysterious disappearance of the ship Beatrice. Its fate is an unsolved mystery that fascinates and leaves the door open to imagination. In October 1838, the English schooner Beatrice was heading... Continue Reading →

The oldest Computer of the World

Twenty-one centuries ago, a mechanism of incredible ingenuity was created in Greece. The story of its rediscovery begins, when a mysterious relic was found on the seabed on a shipwreck, broken into pieces and covered with rust. The story of this discovery dates back to the year 1900, when a Greek sponge-diver spoted “naked men... Continue Reading →

Kublai Khan’s Lost Fleet

The great and fierce Kublai Khan was a Mongol prince who built the largest empire in the world. He was a hero to some but for others he was barbaric. As the grand-son of Genghis Khan, he proved his power and legitimacy as a Mongol ruler during his victory over the Song emperors who ruled... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Tiwanaku

The most impressive is the absolute loneliness of the region and the fact that it is despite all odds inhabited. This extensive, empty highland of Bolivia is an imposing area. The first time I came to the Altiplano was in the year 2000, when I worked researching in the Amazonian Jungle in Peru and this... Continue Reading →

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