Getting lost in the jungle – Rurrenabaque

There are those mystic places in which you change your business attire to an Indiana Jones hat and to safari colours. Where you suddenly don’t mind anymore that there is no light at night and that you have to try to distinguish your face in the shabby mirror of the even shabbier bathroom cabin with a candle.

Such a place is Rurrenabaque. It is as rural as it sounds. A god forgotten place in the jungle below La Paz, Bolivia. And one of those places in which stress leaves you. You follow in a little boat a muddy river upwards, only to be surprised by basically hundreds of caimans swimming in the water a little later. There are monkeys jumping through the trees, Macaws flying by and Hoatzins screeching in the bushes. The water is so rich in fish, it jumps into the boat and you are busy throwing those silvery bodies back in to the river that your hands are silver all over in seconds.

Sun rise over the Pampa (c) Ringuer

And then there happens a miracle. Something rosy-red and shining is appearing beside the boat, touching the surface for a second and disappearing again. You turn, you look, you wonder. And there it comes again. Rosy-grey river dolphins. And when you are lucky a small grey eye is looking at you for a second, a greeting from the heart of the Amazonian jungle.

A miraculous place, which we are loosing at frightening speed.

Images: U.C. Ringuer

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