A secret alphabet to defy the Romans?

The art of Ogham created a fascinating medieval alphabet system primarily used to transcribe early Irish and later Old Irish languages. This early form of communication has been discovered on roughly 400 surviving orthodox inscriptions, mostly in southern Munster, throughout Ireland and western Britain.

Does God have a wife?

In traditional Christian belief, God is referred to as "He" or "Father," which gives the impression that God is male. While most Christian theologians would try to argue that God is beyond human gender and is not limited by our categories of male and female, we still pray to ‘God father in heaven’. How much clearer can it get? Yet, once tehre was a female...

Did the ancient Romans share their toilet sponge?

The ancient Romans did not use toilet paper as we know it today. Instead, it was for a long time supposed that they used a sponge on a stick called a "tersorium" or a “xylospongium”, provided to clean themselves after using the toilet. But that may not be true.

Shocking: Do we fail in evolution?

Ancient populations venerated the Mother Goddess, as they realized that only reproduction ensures survival. Has our today's society something to learn from the past? And are we about to loose in the game of evolution?

How did Cleopatra die?

As is well known, Cleopatra VII was the Queen of Egypt and the last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty. Even today, the public is impressed by the story of how she used her charm and intelligence to seduce powerful men and secure her throne as pharaoh, especially Julius Caesar and, after him, Mark Antony. However,... Continue Reading →

The 11 most extreme body transformation practices in history

Humans have transformed their bodies in many strange ways throughout history. From body modifications such as tattoos, piercings, and scarification, to extreme bodybuilding, plastic surgery, and even the use of prosthetics, humans have found ways to alter their appearance and function in unique and sometimes unusual ways. While not everyone went as far as to remove the bridge of his nose, as Federico Montefeltro, many people modify their bodies for cultural or religious reasons, while others do it for personal expression or as a form of rebellion. here the most extreme...

Sacred deformations: Caesar’s human-footed horse and the six-fingered saints

Sometimes nature plays strange tricks on its creations. Mutations, deformations, and peculiarities are the raw materials of which evolution is made. However, humans have often attributed miraculous powers to these deformations. For example, horses with cloven hooves were placed close to unicorns, and six-fingered humans were deemed as having the makings of saints. Even the... Continue Reading →

Naples – Bizarre traditions venerating skulls

To this day, Naples is characterized by thousands of years old rites and cults of Greek, Roman, and Christian origin mixed with traditions and legends. One particularly bizarre ritual is the cult of the Anime Pezzentelle, which involves venerating the souls in purgatory by tending to skulls. While the region has always had a tradition... Continue Reading →

A sacrifice of Kings in Ancient Ireland?

In many ancient cultures, it was customary to make sacrifices to the earth or the gods. Today, we know that the ancient Germanic peoples offered sacrifices, especially in lakes, crevices in the earth, and bogs. Broken weapons, valuable musical instruments, and even human beings have been found. The low-oxygen environment and the presence of tannic... Continue Reading →

The Great Antrum: A mysterious tunnel in the crater wall – path to Hades or heating of the emperors?

If you drive along the coast in the north of Naples, you will see it dominated by factories, sunny beaches and crowded streets. In between, however, there are ancient brick walls, you see grottos in the tuff on the beach and the outlines of sunken structures appear in the azure water. Involuntarily, you ask yourself:... Continue Reading →

The begin of our globalized world

Increasingly globalized and interconnected world, it is interesting to ask the question - when did all this actually start? When did humanity first produce standardized consumer goods, created with standardized materials, ... When did we set out on the road to modernity?

Who invented the glass?

Most of us have certainly never thought about who invented his window glass. It is just there and from time to time we have to clean it. But glass is much more fascinating than you might think. So what is it all about, with this strangely durable but completely transparent material that protects us from... Continue Reading →

Go to Hell!- But how?

You sometimes hear the curse, "Then go to hell!" But if you wanted to comply with the request, you would have trouble doing so. Where is hell actually?

The past was yesterday, how about the future? (or ‘will our world collapse?’)

Many great civilizations throughout history have met their demise, including the Mongol Empire, the Roman Empire, the Incas, the Pharaohs, and the Sumerians. The question then arises: What about our own civilization? Will Western civilization also collapse and fade into oblivion, becoming mere artifacts displayed in museums? In recent times, there has been an increasing... Continue Reading →

The first Computer Programme of the World?

Few buildings are as rich in history and beauty as the ancient cathedral of Chartres in France. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Paris region and is famous for the bright coulours of its mighty windows. Inside the colossal church, numerous secrets can be discovered that attract esoteric and believing Christians... Continue Reading →

Mysterious Circular Structures and a Vanished Culture in the middle of Europe

Exciting news has emerged about a mysterious civilization that once inhabited central Europe in 5500 BC, leaving little trace of their existence. Recent archaeological findings near Dresden, Germany, have shed light on this ancient high culture that lived in the humid valleys near the Elbe River. Archaeologists discovered at least four independent circular "places" around... Continue Reading →

The oldest Computer of the World

Twenty-one centuries ago, a mechanism of incredible ingenuity was created in Greece. The story of its rediscovery begins, when a mysterious relic was found on the seabed on a shipwreck, broken into pieces and covered with rust. The story of this discovery dates back to the year 1900, when a Greek sponge-diver spoted “naked men... Continue Reading →

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