About U.C. Ringuer

U.C. Ringuer was born in Germany but lives in Paris. After studying law in various countries, and obtaining a summa-cum-laude doctorate, she has worked as a lawyer, production assistant in opera, as a riding instructor and as a jungle guide in the Amazon.

Today she works mainly in the field of archaeology. In her work, she often comes into contact with cases of the theft of art treasures, forgeries and treasure hunter cases that attract media attention.

The plot of her books is freely invented, but based on facts and real experiences. The historical facts are carefully researched and their reality adds to the interest of her works.

The series

Professor Cariello investigates mysteries in enigmatic ruins based on real historical facts. Each of the books revolves around a mystery from the past in places full of charisma and atmosphere. Naples, Rome, Ravenna, Florence, Paris… Readers are invited to immerse themselves in tales of thrilling murder hunts, historical treasures and new discoveries in mystical places.

“Suspense is guaranteed.”

“Cariello has got me hooked.”

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