China’s Museums go under Water

Who does not dream of one day observing what happens under the surface of the water, if possible, sheltered from the currents? See ancient stone engravings and monuments lying at the bottom of a river, float above rich calligraphy and even caress with the gaze hydroglyphs bequeathed by famous scholars? Admiring a wreck or historic... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Adventures of Admiral Zheng He

Even before Christopher Columbus, Bartolomeu Dias and James Cook, the Chinese sailors, attentive to the wind and currents of the ocean, wanted to expedite the notion of adventure. Crossing large seas, with stunning and boundless winds, they made their way to seven adventurous travels around the world. It was 87 years after the first trip... Continue Reading →

Kublai Khan’s Lost Fleet

The great and fierce Kublai Khan was a Mongol prince who built the largest empire in the world. He was a hero to some but for others he was barbaric. As the grand-son of Genghis Khan, he proved his power and legitimacy as a Mongol ruler during his victory over the Song emperors who ruled... Continue Reading →

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