A tsunami destroyed the tomb of Alexander the Great

For at least 150 years, scientists have recognized that something unusual happened along western Crete and the surrounding shores of the Mediterranean. When Capt. Thomas Pratt mapped the Aegean Sea in the 1850s, he noticed an ancient Roman harbor on an island sitting high and dry, 6 meters above the sea.  Archaeologists found skeletons in collapsed buildings with coins... Continue Reading →

The location of Cleopatra’s Tomb

You certainly saw the recent headlines in the press about the possible upcoming discovery of Cleopatra’s tomb. A good moment to debate the true location of that tomb. Despite extensive search, the place of the tomb of the famed Cleopatra remained until today a mystery. But we have quite reliable hints. Yet, these do not point to the place, in which one might be looking for it in this moment…

The treasure of the Gottfried

Since its tragic sinking on the night of March 12, 1822, the wreck of Gottfried has continued to fascinate and captivate the imagination. The presence of a stone sarcophagus, dating back to over 4,000 years, as well as mummies and steles aboard the ship stimulate the imagination. The story begins, when in 1822, King Frederick... Continue Reading →

The Story of the Lost Sarcophage

The legend of the sarcophagus of the fourth dynasty Pharaoh Menkaure, the builder of the third pyramid of Giza, has largely been fuelled by the mysterious disappearance of the ship Beatrice. Its fate is an unsolved mystery that fascinates and leaves the door open to imagination. In October 1838, the English schooner Beatrice was heading... Continue Reading →

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