The first Computer Programme of the World?

Few buildings are as rich in history and beauty as the ancient cathedral of Chartres in France. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Paris region and is famous for the bright coulours of its mighty windows. Inside the colossal church, numerous secrets can be discovered that attract esoteric and believing Christians... Continue Reading →

Where is the Santa Maria, the ship of Columbus?

In May 2014, American explorer Barry Clifford made a widely publicized announcement claiming to have found the wreckage of the Santa Maria. This declaration garnered significant attention, despite the absence of concrete evidence to support his claim. The excitement surrounding the discovery is understandable, as the Santa Maria was the flagship of Christopher Columbus during... Continue Reading →

In the skin of another – literally!

In the National Museum of San Salvador (El Salvador), there is a simple clay sculpture of a man. At first glance, it appears that he is adorned with feathers. However, upon closer inspection, his clothing appears peculiar. And indeed, it is. He is wearing the skin of a man that has been stripped off and... Continue Reading →

The worst Volcanic Eruption ever

El Salvador in Central America is one of the most volcanic and earthquake-hit countries in the world. Twenty-two volcanoes crowd into the smallest of spaces. There is hardly a place in the country from which one does not see these mighty giants. The capital San Salvador, on the other hand, has only few sights. Whatever... Continue Reading →

Human Sacrifice by the Maya

It was a game of life and death. The “Pok-a-tok” in the the Mayan language was a ball game similar to soccer. It was held during ritual celebrations. The object of the game was to move the rubber ball by bouncing it off the hips or knees without using the hands or feet. The team... Continue Reading →

The Adventures of the African Queen

A light-hearted, whilst nevertheless touching story of World War I is that of the ship Liemba, which still sails the Lake Tanganyika today. This is despite her having travelled over a mountain, endured two sinkings and experienced a war, experiences that have left bumpy traces all over her hull. Her story is one of the... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Tiwanaku

The most impressive is the absolute loneliness of the region and the fact that it is despite all odds inhabited. This extensive, empty highland of Bolivia is an imposing area. The first time I came to the Altiplano was in the year 2000, when I worked researching in the Amazonian Jungle in Peru and this... Continue Reading →

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