Shocking: Do we fail in evolution?

A living being is defined as such when it is capable of both metabolism and reproduction. Its species or kind wins evolution if it reproduces. If it doesn’t, it disappears from Earth. Reproduction is in nature equivalent to survival.

Prehistoric men understood this instinctively. They adored women and especially they adored mothers.

The concept of a mother goddess was present in cultures all over the world. The goddess was a symbol of creation, associated with the earth and nature. The Greek venerated Demeter, the Egyptians Isis and the Hindus Durga. The mother goddess decided about live and death, protection and destruction. There were rituals and offerings to the Great Mother to ensure fertility, life, and prosperity. And in even in Maria Christians continued to venerate the mother.

Today we compete, we produce, we earn. But giving birth isn’t applauded anymore by society. It is an obstacle to competing and earning.

We fail in true women emancipation

The fight for women’s emancipation has brought many positive benefits, such as increased equal treatment of genders, greater economic opportunities, and improved liberties. These advancements have empowered women to make better choices for their lives and their futures. Women’s emancipation is great.

However, it had the undesired side-effect that in western world less and less women have children. Women’s increased access to career opportunities has forced them to behave as competitors. They needed to delay marriage and childbearing in order to be as competitive as men. They as well can now sit in the law office until midnight. They as well can now live of eternally renewed three-months contracts to finally get at age 38 a permanent contract.

But is a woman only good if she behaves like a man? Is the special power of women, the power to be able to bear children, worthless?

Having put women in brutal, unprotected competition has led to a decrease in the average age of first-time mothers and a lower fertility rate in many Western countries. Especially well-educated women have less and less children. Scientists have even remarked an “educational gradient” in fertility.

This is a development strangely going against the laws of evolution. The bigger the brain, the less a winner in evolution.

When I look around me, I increasingly see educated, good-looking women desperately entangled in eternal invitro fertilization procedures or miserable to be left childless. Their partners suffer with them and share the undesired fate. And politicians wonder how to finance pensions.

Let’s face it: It is difficult to have a career and also have children without support. Both require significant time and energy. Women face discrimination and unequal pay, due to limited access to parental leave and childcare support. They could have children, and already the possibility is in society a handicap, instead of an advantage. Women compete with men and are only seen as ‘good’, if they behave and perform like men.

This is a dangerous trend.

Governments have pointed to immigration as the solution. But as a solution that is laughable. This modern kind of slavery recalls rather the last hours of the Roman empire. Because society is not producing offspring, it buys the offspring of others. Do we really think that immigrants dream of nothing else then to pay our pension when we are old and dementia-ridden? And should we not rather face our real problem?

The one, that we are about to fail in gender equality. And in evolution.

Give a helping hand to nature

There is only one, urgently needed solution: To decrease the obstacles for women (but also men), that impeach them to have children in the right moment and as easy as they want.

Instead of paying for ministries, commissions, and administration apparatuses, let’s provide kindergartens and nannies. Let’s provide substantial financial and practical support for working parents, such as:

  • 100% free childcare,
  • Well-paid parental leave living up to the parent’s salary level, and
  • Promotion of telework and flexible work arrangements, which is not only ‘helpful’, but crucial for supporting healthy families.

It is also crucial to support employers while parents are absent. Instead of feeding unschooled and unadapted external persons, let’s support employers hiring parents. Yes, it is a problem, when an employee is absent for months or even years. So how about:

  • Paid interims and replacements,
  • Salary coverage for the absent parent for more than just some weeks, and
  • Tax advantages to foster greater readiness in employers to hire parents or parents-to-be.

Employers should be actively enabled and encouraged to offer family-friendly policies. Only by reducing the obstacles that prevent women and men from having children we create a sustainable society.

Having children is not a private amusement. Having children is a critical aspect of ensuring our survival. We won’t have a pension and no functioning society if there is nobody caring for us and coming after us. We need our children caring for us as we cared for them.

Childcare and job need to be rendered compatible. Fully!

Estimates suggest that the average cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 in the United States ranges from $233,610 to $284,570, depending on factors such as income level, location, and number of children. And then let’s not even speak about tuition.

Why does anyone think that this is a private amusement?

Do we still need children?

It could be objected that there are also potential benefits of declining birth rates, such as reduced pressure on natural resources and a decrease in the overpopulation of the world… That sounds like suicide. let’s do away with the embarrassing species of homo sapiens.

We need youth. It is time to recognize, that women are not only fully valid members of society, when they do men’s jobs. The ability to give birth and raise children is a crucial contribution to society.

The worship of the life-giving mother goddess was a widespread and prominent feature in ancient cultures for a reason. The ability to produce children is an essential gift. Fertility deities were worshiped and offerings and rituals were performed to ensure the goddesses favor and blessings. Has our consume oriented world forgotten about nature?

Yes. We need children. This world is made for the future and not just for us.

Yet, regardless of what is said in public, and no matter how woke the press is, in practice there continue societal practices that lead to women being unfairly judged and discriminated against because of their reproductive choices and even supposed choices. This includes assumptions that women will prioritize their families over their employer and that they will be less committed to their work because of their caregiving responsibilities.

Yet, women should be applauded and promoted for making the effort to have children. “Thank you. You do this for all of us!” (And a thank you to every man that assumes his part in parenting.)

It is time to step also in practice away from the stereotype, that women are less valid because they become mothers. Girls should not be taught to view motherhood as something negative that will lead to them being discriminated over men. They should not hear “this is for later and at 20 you’re too young”. This is harmful as well as shameful. Motherhood needs to be celebrated and valued as a vital part of society, and women should not face discrimination or negative consequences for having children.

That’s sexist, old men’s views. Motherhood should not be and also not be seen as a barrier to women’s success and recognition. There needs to be a much greater societal contribution to child-rising. Women should not be forced to make a choice, career or children. They should be empowered to have both.

Today one has the impression, what has the most contributed to emancipation is the invention of the washing machine. Not a change of mind.

It is too often implied, that the recognition of motherhood in the 19th century was a humiliation for women. How come? Why is keeping up humankind humiliating?

Women are not discriminated because they become mothers, but because society remains patriarchal.

The sexist social constructions make male erection enviable and female menstruation an abomination. Freud speaks of female penis envy. Laughable. The power of giving birth would make a womb envy much more logical.

An author (read it, very entertaining…) asked what would happen if suddenly men could menstruate, and women not. She thinks that menstruation would become an enviable, boast-worthy, masculine event. Men would brag about how long and how much. Let’s get out of this blockade.

Men and future fathers should be the first to support fully paid childcare. Or they will spend a lot of their time in IVF labs and fail in nature’s evolution plan as much as their partners and society will.

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