Who burries the dead under water?

This amazing picture shows a prehistoric indigenous burial found under water at the coast of Costa Rica. You might wonder, why people were buried in this place under water? The answer is simple. When the burial took place, there was no water in that place. Waters rose.

For over 90% of the existence of humankind, the sea was about 40-130 meters lower than the level of today. A substantial amount of prehistoric and historic evidence of the life of our ancestors is therefore now submerged. These remains are now provide an extremely important source of information about the first human civilizations, human origins, and also about climate change and its impact. Today, as we face even more sea level changes, this heritage can help us put our current challenges into a wider context.

The submerged prehistoric landscape beneath the North Sea, known as Doggerland, is another such example. It shows us that rising sea levels in the past have forced migration and adaptation by Mesolithic human populations, and provides us with human stories from a culture lost to changing environmental conditions. Many other examples of the effects of climate changes can be found in other prehistoric submerged landscapes, sunken cities, and harbour and port structures, there is much still to be learned.

Image: U.C. Ringuer

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